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It's almost spring! 🌷

Hooray for the weekend!⁠⁠ It looks like it's going to be a nice one! And, it's Daylight Savings time ~ that must mean that spring is on the way! 🌸 🌷⁠⁠Don't forget...

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now available on newsstands

The Winter 2017 edition of Jewelry Stringing magazine is now available on newsstands and includes their annual Holiday Gift Guide, lots of creative ideas, tutorials and resources, and also features a...

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Published, again!

The latest digital edition of Jewelry Stringing Magazine – Winter 2016 has arrived – and guess what?! It features a few Peacock & Lime pieces! Here’s a little sneak peek...

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so many hues to choose

“Have you ever thought about how your favourite colour makes you feel?” An article by Susanne for Fire Mountain Gems asks just that in “The Power of Color in Jewelry:...

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