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A beautiful testimonial for Peacock & Lime written this morning from such a lovely customer/friend!


Those of us with medical conditions (of various types), whether it’s serious allergies to medications like penicillin or those with heart conditions should wear a Medical ID tag of some sort. Should you ever be in an emergency situation this is one of the first things emergency responders look for. The site to order your bracelet is:

As I have mentioned before, I have epilepsy (notice I did notsay I am epileptic – but that’s a different post) and hypoglycemia. So yes, I wear a Medical ID bracelet, I have since 1995.

The first one was stainless steel, nothing fancy, but it listed both conditions, my medication allergies and the one medication I was taking. In 2007, I had another medication added and found a new medication allergy. Because I was depressed about the new medication and was post surgery I decided to get a pretty bracelet. That…

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