awesome storage ideas

You can never have enough jewellery.  But what do you do with it all to keep it organized?  Where do you stash it?

I love to re-use special dishes (vintage or mexican bowls, little colourful plates)  & unique boxes for mine.  But lately I’ve been looking around … for new ways to display Peacock & Lime jewellery at Art shows and for displays, and have come across some great ideas that would also work at home as well.  … Hmmm … I just love some of these ideas so much, that I may have to rethink my own jewellery management!  What do you think?  How do you keep your pretties organized?

in need of some inspiration for your organizing?  … have a peak at our organization board, or search around Pinterest … it really is a plethora of ideas & imagination … just be forewarned, hours will pass before you even know it

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