Eight Boho-Trends for a fab 2018

Eight Boho-Trends for A Fab 2018!

A great round up of some boho trends from Cherie over at Sea Gypsy’s Vardo to start the New Year off right!

Sea Gypsy's Vardo

Happy 2018, SG peeps!! I hope it’s been a great one, thus far!

I’ve been a bit on the “down-low” for a few weeks… but, I’m back and ready to go!

Now, I know that talking about “trends” for the new year is nothing new. You can’t go anywhere on social media without seeing countless posts about what’s gonna be hot or not for the upcoming seasons. But, I think it’s fun! And, when you’re a boho babe, it’s really kinda cool to see what fave pieces or accessories are going to have staying power through the next cycle.

What is important to remember about trends is that they are just that… trends. They’re not hard fast rules, or requirements for you being on the boho bandwagon. Nor, are they a substitute for your own personal style, which as we know, is where the free-spirited bohemian influence actually stems from……

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