more clever jewellery storage ideas

One can never be TOO organized!

Maybe it’s because of the New Year  (and unintentional resolutions), maybe it’s the promise of spring coming sometime soon (wishful thinking, in these parts!), but around this time of year, I always seem to get the cleaning and re-organizing bug. This year is no different, and things have been changing in our house.  Furniture is being rearranged, prints are being hung in different configurations, and new arrangements of little stars are appearing – hanging from the bedroom ceiling.  It’s time now, to look for some new inspiration for cool jewellery storage ideas as well!.

One doesn’t have to go far … in this case, only to the computer in the office and to a little site called Etsy

darling daisy earring tree by earthstudiometalartthis Darling Daisy Earring Tree is made in the US by Earth Studio Metal Art

MAX jewelry organizer by lessandmoreThe MAX jewelry holder/organizer is from Vienna, Austria by Less & More

jewelry tree by schpunkintlAnd, this cute little tree stand comes from Seoul, South Korea created by Schpunk intl.


For those looking to create your own storage units, how about these do-it-yourself projects?!

Pretty awesome, I’d say. Who would have thought to use a thread organizer rack for other than it’s intended purpose?

Why, Jillee from One Good Thing by Jillee did! Check out her awesome idea …

from this …

thread spool jewelry organizer… to this!  Pretty. Organized. And, easy, too!

Here is another organizer to try … this one I found on Pinterest, but is from A clever use of drawer pulls …

drawer pull jewelry organizer by bhgdotcom

And, finally, a little tutorial on making this sweet cork board combo from Katelyn Brooke


Happy Organizing!

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