New Year, New Intention

New Year, New Intention

It's that time of year where everyone looks forward to the promise of a New Year and what it will bring, thinking about resolutions and setting new goals.

And just as quickly, those resolutions fade. You had all good intentions of hitting the gym, spending less or eating better, but realistically, it just didn't last.

New Year's Intentions

Why not then this year, instead of setting resolutions - consider setting a single intention. A simple, meaningful word by which you base all decisions from throughout the year. Maybe you want to Focus more on certain friend / relationships, or on specific work projects. Maybe you want to be more Present and fully in the moment, to Enjoy more of what is around you. Maybe you want to become more Inspired, or feel a sense of Calm in your day. Any one of these words would make for a great intention to set for the coming year.

As you go along, question each of your actions or decisions against your intention word to see if it aligns. If your word is Balance, perhaps finding the right mix between work, home & play is what is needed and leaving work behind on the weekend, making efforts to visit with friends, and also allowing a few moments to quietly sit back and read/sip coffee/journal/ or just relax are in order.

With a simple word, the expectations aren't as high, and it is much easier to focus on one theme, without pressure, to guide you all year long.

The result will be a sense of accomplishment, rather than feeling deflated because of unattained (and sometimes unreasonable) resolutions.

If you need a gentle reminder, you could also take it a step further, and wear your intention on your wrist as a reminder to yourself of what you are working towards, while looking stylish at the same time. Made with various natural gemstone beads, the soul-full stones collection has a variety of styles and colours to choose from - each having their own unique properties.

soul~full stones - beaded gemstone mala bracelets

If you are looking for some ideas for intention words & pieces that can help inspire them, we have a few suggestions; 

align - black sandalwood and crystal rhinestone sphere mala bead bracelet

balance - black & white lava bead wrist mala bracelet

calm - blonde silkwood turquoise and czech glass mala bead bracelet

clarity - white jade & plated gold hematite mala bead bracelet

grounded - men's lava and natural brass bead mala bracelet

harmony - turquoise, pink jade or obsidian bead mala bracelet

patience - howlite and picasso jasper mala bead bracelet

power - men's onyx, hematite and lava bead mala bracelet

serenity - fossil jasper with hibiscus flower bead mala bracelet

soothe - amazonite and copper mala bead bracelet

stability - men's brown line agate and natural brass bead bracelet

strength - men's tiger's eye and lava bead mala bracelet

tranquility - black sandalwood and czech glass bracelet with moon & stars bead


✨ Wishing you all a new year full of compassion, kindness, gratitude, love, joy and fun! ✨

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