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organizing + displaying jewellery

Jewellery Storage Ideas

jewelry storage - cups and bowls

While being cooped up in our homes, a lot of us have turned to organization as an activity to pass the time – with the added bonus of decluttering and creating an aesthetically pleasing room. 

One of the things we find most difficult to keep organized is our jewellery stash – especially when there’s a lot of it! 

There are a few different organizational styles to consider when sorting your jewellery. Are you interested in exhibiting all of your pretty pieces, looking for a convenient place to store them, or finding a solution that allows you to easily sort out and de-clutter your treasures?



A cool shaped stand that will keep all your necklaces and earrings in order while giving off a funky vibe … like these below;

jewelry storage ideas - FOR THE AESTHETIC GODDESS - by peacock and lime

to view any of these pieces, visit …

Your best places to look: Etsy, Pottery Barn or Urban Outfitters



A mirror with hidden storage will keep all of your jewellery pieces safe and tidy, as well as giving a clean look to your room. Plus, with mounted or over-the-door hanging options, these types of organizers will fit in any space, and provide a spot to admire yourself & your jewels. 

jewelry storage ideas - FOR THE ORGANIZATIONAL WIZARD - by peacock and lime

to view any of these organizers, visit …

Your best places to look: Etsy, Wayfair, Homesense, or Amazon



It’s time to turn that messy drawer from blah to ooh-la-la! Drawer separators are your best friend for this look. 

A ring separator can be used for both rings and earrings, making it a must have for any drawer collection. 

You could also use plastic IKEA cutlery drawer inserts to organize, but investing in some velvet jewellery liners will really make all the difference in keeping your pieces beautiful, organized and tangle free.

jewelry storage ideas - FOR THE COMFORTABLE GAL - by peacock and lime

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Your best places to look: Etsy or Ebay



If you are a little bit more crafty, this is where you can really shine and have some fun! Time to become besties with Pinterest. 

Take an old picture frame, add a wire grid, and you can instantly have a chic earring display. Check out these instructions from Marty Walden:

A corkboard is another common item that can be easily transformed into a jewellery organizer just like *that*. 

Or go big, with shelves turning your wall into a jewellery focal piece! All you’ll need for this simple DIY is a shelf or a few thin boards, paint and some screw hooks! 

Check out the tutorial for this bold and creative hanging wall organizer by Megan Duesterhaus here: 

jewelry storage ideas - FOR THE DIY AFICIONADO - by peacock and lime

to view any of these tutorials, visit …

Your best places to look: Pinterest or other DIY sites



Do you have a fun jewellery storage/organization solution?
Show us in the comments below!

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