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Happy New Year!

A follow up to the previous post … Sandra Yakovleva has come up with a few more Jewelry Trends for 2016! Check out this next Top 7 list …

(*and if you’re looking to complete your wardrobe with a few new additions … you’ll find a little bit of almost all things listed in the Etsy shop!)

“Here are the latest (and fun) Jewelry Trends for 2016.

1. Pearls

Have pearls ever really gone off the fashion trends? I think not. If anything, we see pearls being matched with other metals and stones that breathe new life into the standard ‘classic’ feel.

If my words have not persuaded you, do see this image of Rihanna taken by surprise when the journalists captured her advertising the new trend (taken to the next level):

2. Chokers

They’re back! A new and updated look since the outdated throat-clinging chokers from the 90s. Their appearance on the Ohne Titel runway show (image on the top left) was very intriguing. The A Detacher collection was glammed up by the golden choker chains which were equally exciting despite their simplicity (bottom left).

Needless to say, Swarovski made a real fashion statement on the Balenciaga runway show with their graphic punk-like chokers that were both edgy and sophisticated. See more jewelry from the 2015/2016 Balenciaga collection here. Givenchy’s crystal collars were fine as lace, borderline magical I would say (top right).

Narciso Rodriguez presented his take on the choker trend with a touch of sophistication; the chokers took on a more sculptural jewelry shape (bottom image, right). And more chokers from other designers I cannot recall:

3. Beads

I would question the permanence of this trend, but if Channel says it’s a trend, you know it’s here to stay. Beaded necklaces also appeared frequently at Suno paired with high necked sweaters. They also embellished the tradition tweed winter outfits, so I really can’t argue here (although I want to).

4. Statement Necklaces

It’s an exciting time to be making fashion statements! Those with a closet as dark as a widow’s – here is your chance to show the world that you CAN wear color (that’s why jewelry exists). So don’t throw out all those little black dresses your friends and family frown upon, purchase some statement necklaces for some tasteful color blocking (like the ladies in the middle row, but with the colorful jewelry)!

5. Vintage

This one was probably implemented after my article on Royal Jewelry

In all seriousness, vintage jewelry that looks like it’s been robbed right off of Queen Elizabeth’s neck is very in right now.

6. Brooches

Like the Queen! No really, you should see the article on Royal Jewelry. I’m a prophecy.

7. Sculptural and Geometric Jewelry

This is my favorite trend. If it won’t be a trend, I’ll be sure to make it one.

It seems this one will stay around for a while. It’s a sure way to stay edgy and trendy, so really you should purchase something from this category if anything.

These are the trends I found most exciting. Of course, there are other ones not mentioned such as multiple rings, statement rings, sculptural jewelry and the like.

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