copper electroformed pieces - pendants and wands by peacock and lime

What is electroforming?


electroformed pieces - pendants and wands by peacock and lime

Electroforming is a slow, intricate process  where copper particles are deposited onto another object using a low voltage electrical charge. The intended piece is painted with a conductive medium and suspended in an electrolytic solution for between 12 - 24 hours allowing the copper ions to coat a thick layer onto the original piece. It is then removed from the solution, polished, can have a patina applied and then sealed.


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how does electroforming work? A step by step info graphic guide

The results are beautiful, organic and unique to each piece. No two pieces will ever be identical even if created under the exact same conditions at the same time.

You can find a number of Peacock & Lime pieces that feature electroforming - like these necklaces  ⋙ · ⋙

trinity // copper electroformed quartz crystal and moon pendant necklace
under an amethyst moon copper electroformed crescent moon necklace


* step-by-step guide info graphic courtesy of Altarbeast Alchemy

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