What Necklace Looks Best with That Outfit?

Jewellery can truly add that special something that makes an everyday outfit go from average to WOW! 

But some necklaces work better with certain outfits than others. And we want to make sure you get the most out of your Peacock and Lime pieces, to truly amp up your style! 

So what necklace works best with your look? Sure, colour can play a factor in selecting your jewellery, but what you should really be focusing on is your neckline! 


Are you going for a strapless look, or maybe off-the-shoulder? With that much exposed skin, you’ll want a necklace that will elongate your neck and show it off. For these outfits, a choker or collar length piece (around 16”) is your best bet! 

Some Peacock and Lime pieces to make your collar-line POP:

radiant sun talisman medallion choker necklace - Peacock & Lime , the original Peacock and Lime boho jewelry    simple quartz spike necklaces by peacock & lime  sparkle crescent moon & star choker necklace - Peacock & Lime , the original Peacock and Lime boho jewelry


From the simple v-neck top to the flouncy 50’s style sweetheart dress, a collar length or princess (18”) necklace will draw attention up to your neck and accentuate your outfit. 

Some Peacock and Lime pieces for every occasion, from everyday to fab:

mini duzy crescent moon necklaces by peacock and lime

mountain peaks gold electroplated agate gemstone necklaces by peacock & lime  amazonite and lapis teardrop necklaces by peacock and lime


One of the most versatile lengths, a 20”-24” Matinee length necklace is the perfect fit for tops with collared, boatneck, scoop, and crew necklines. That’s right – this length will fit perfectly with your go-to tee! It’s a length that will carry you from the workplace, to lounging at home, to that fancy dinner party!

Some Peacock and Lime pieces to complete your everyday look:

amethyst mountain moon and star necklaces by peacock and lime

honey bee antiqued brass and lampwork bead necklaces by peacock and lime

3 crystal spike quartz necklaces by peacock and lime


Another versatile length, a 28” necklace works best with turtlenecks, boatneck, and scoop necklines.  Or up the drama with a Lariat length. At approx 35” this length is sure to be a statement piece and will get you a few style points around the office! These long necklaces really just add that extra little *oompf* to your look! 

Some Peacock and Lime pieces to complete your WOW-factor:

luna silver electroplated crescent moon amethyst slice boho necklace by peacock & lime

moonstone, star & crescent moon pendant necklace by peacock & lime

minimalist chunky organic bar necklaces in silver and copper by peacock and lime


Do you have a fab outfit featuring a Peacock and Lime piece? We’d love to see it! Show us in the comments below!


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