Color Your World: What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

Color Your World: What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

Color Your World: What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality
Color Your World: What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality
by: Jennifer Raskin
What does your favorite color say about you?

Colors surround us everywhere we go. We choose certain colors to wear or paint our walls. We even have color preferences for cars, flowers, and jewelry. But is there any meaning behind them?

Naturally, we can’t help what we’re drawn to though some colors do speak volumes about the way we are without uttering a single sound. Color psychology is something that marketing reps use to motivate us to buy a brand. However on a personal level, you may be selecting your favorite color because it is the very definition of who you are.


Take a look below to see what your favorite color has to say about your personality.


colour your world red
  •  Red  - passionate • important • intensity • stimulating

Those that choose red are very bold in character. You want to leave a lasting impression on those in your life. You’re extroverted, confident, and a bit sexually charged.

 color your world orange

  • Orange  - playful • energetic • creative

Sure, we can joke about orange jumpsuits and prisons, but for those that choose orange as their favorite, they tend to be friendly and easy-going. You’ve got a flamboyant nature which may send some running but those worth having in your life will stick around.

 color your world yellow

  • Yellow  - happy • friendly • uplifting • optimistic

Ah, yellow, like the sunshine. You’re happy and idealistic. Your optimism is one of your best traits. Some may see you as a bit weird, but you can chalk it up to their own inherent moodiness or jealousy for your way to view the world is with a positive outlook.

 color your world green

  • Green  - natural • stable • prosperous • refreshed

Green seems like it’s harmonized with nature, however if you really love green, you secretly harbor the need for security. That’s for financial matters as well as relationships. People that choose green want to be seen as important, successful, and wealthy. You likely have excellent social skills as well to back this all up.

 color your world blue

  • Blue  - serene • trustworthy • inviting 

Calm and cool like the waters of the ocean, if you love blue best you are excellent at finding peace and serenity even in the chaos of a storm. People that love blue are easy-going, reliable, and extremely loveable.

 color your world purple

  • Purple  - luxurious • mysterious • romantic • exotic

Ah, you purple-lover, you! You are very utopian and mystical rather than rooted in reality. A bit on the hippie side, some may shy away from your patchouli vibes, but those who matter will appreciate your special rose-colored view of the world.

 color your world pink

  • Pink  - feminine • sweet • innocent • whimsical

You don’t wait for Wednesdays to wear pink. And unlike The Plastics of Mean Girls fame, it doesn’t make you more popular. Those that favor pink are a bit naïve and delicate. You prefer to look the other way in the face of reality, opting to embrace your childlike ways that keep you young.

 color your world grey

  • Grey  - neutral • formal • practical 

Do you have trouble committing to anything? Then grey might be your color. According to color psychology, those that choose grey tend to be detached, emotionless, and indecisive. You have a very take-it-or-leave-it personality and never get up in arms about anything.

color your world black

  • Black   - powerful • sophisticated • edgy • elegance

Who doesn’t love wearing black for a sophisticated look? It goes with everything! But when it comes to color personality, it can reflect that you’re a realist that loves to be in control while maintaining a minimalistic look.

 color your world white

  • White   - clean • virtuous • purity • light

And perhaps most fascinating of all, white, which has been known to symbolize innocence has a far deeper meaning. When you choose white, you want to convince yourself and others that you’re pure and meticulous.

color your world with paint
Which of these colors is your favorite? 

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