Quick & Easy tips: How to Measure Your Wrist Size for bracelet sizing

Quick & Easy tips: How to Measure Your Wrist Size

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A lot of jewelry pieces are one-size-fits-all.

Necklaces slip easily around most necks, and earrings are pretty universal in size, so selecting either for the perfect fit isn’t usually too difficult to do.

Bracelets can be a bit trickier, as wrist widths can vary slightly (although not enough to require a wide range of sizes as do rings).

Bracelet fit is important for comfort and style, and a well sized bracelet should fit just loose enough so that it has a bit of movement, but not so loose that it easily slides off! Luckily we have an easy way to determine a perfect fit by measuring your wrist size.



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How do I determine my bracelet size?


Generally speaking - your bracelet size is your actual wrist size plus 1/2" (1.27 cm) added for comfort.

Bracelet Sizing: How to measure your wrist size

  • Step 1: Using a flexible measuring tape, a ribbon, piece of yarn or plain strip of paper - wrap your wrist just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.
  • Step 2: If you are using a ribbon, the yarn or a strip of paper, mark off your size with a pen or pencil, then measure that strip against a ruler to determine the length.
  • Step 3: Depending on how loose or snug you like your bracelets to fit, add between a 1/4" to 1" (approx 0.635 - 2.54 cm) to the length measured in step 2 (the average amount added is 1/2" or 1.27 cm for a comfortable fit This is the ideal bracelet length for you.


Or, to make things easier, we also have a wide variety of adjustable bracelets, suitable for almost all sizes - no measurements needed! 



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