getting creative

Time to get the creative flow going … and away we go!

Remember Robin Kae Reed? I introduced you all to her a few weeks ago here – after the Bead Peeps Swap n Hop partner pairings were announced?  Welllll … her secret stash of goodies just arrived and holy cow! So much to choose from – where does one even start?!


Gorgeous gemstones, and glass beads, and metal blanks, and keys, and gears, and focal pieces (check out that fairy door!), and, and, and …  so many ideas, so little time! Thank you so much Robin!

and now the fun begins 



If you were wondering what Robin gets to work with … this is what she received … I sense a bit of a pattern here … gemstones, glass beads, metal pieces, gears … you know what they say … great minds think alike


It was really hard to part with Anastasia’s (Dreams and Elements) polymer clay owl focals, but I just knew Robin loved owls and that they would go to a good home

(and she has already proven that correct and made an amazing necklace with one of them already that she’s given me a sneak peek of … it’s awesome – just you wait and see!)

The big reveal date is set for May 15th!



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