Reflection - What is Karma?

The Power of Karma: What It Really Means

what is karma?
The Power of Karma: What It Really Means
by: Jennifer Raskin



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When you think of karma, you probably think of the whole “what goes around, comes around” part, don’t you? However, the power of karma is much more detailed than that. It goes beyond simply putting good or bad vibes out into the universe.

In Eastern-based religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, there are different beliefs about karma, but it all circles back to the same point. As such, there are 12 laws to uphold to create good karma that will carry you through this life and all future ones. Here they are along with the deeper meaning behind them.


- Cause and effect

This one is easy to uphold because whatever you give, you in turn will receive. Be it positive or negative, the universe is watching and will send back the same message. Use it wisely.


- Creation

Nothing will come to you if you take no action. Every journey has its hardships, but just as in math, if you multiple anything by zero, it’s still zero. One must actively participate; go out and make things happen.


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- Humility

Holding a mirror up to ourselves is one of the hardest tasks, but it gives us a reflection that lets us see where we need to improve. Make the shift and karma will shift in your favor.



- Growth

Tying in with humility, in order to grow, you must focus on your own metamorphosis for positive change. Take ownership for what happens in your life.


- Responsibility

We copy what surrounds us, and what surrounds us copies us. It’s easy to make excuses so reflect on yourself to go full-circle into a better karmic state. 

Karma - a man is but the product of his thoughts

- Connection

It helps to remember that for karma, everything in the universe is connected from past to present to future. You can shake bad karma or energy from your past by righting any wrongs.


- Focus

The secret to success is focus. Therefore, harboring resentments and anger will only bring down your karmic status. Focus on the positive to get the results you seek.

 karma - giving

 - Giving

Kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness are all positive traits. Living by them helps you achieve good karma.



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- Living in the moment (Here and Now)

Be present for the present. Reflection is only beneficial when you seek to improve yourself. Enjoy your current moments because dwelling on the past only puts negativity into your circle.


- Change

History always runs on repeat, and with the laws of karma, it will continue until you’ve learned that lesson. Mistakes are human, but what you learn from them and how you move forward dictates the forces of karma.

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- Patience and reward 

The rule of karma that reminds us all that we must see things through with dedication and persistence. We can’t expect instant results.


- Significance and inspiration

The final law that shows us each action, intention and thought has an impact, no matter how big or small it is. Our unique gifts are meant to be shared and may even inspire others.


And should all this be too much to remember, cause and effect is the central rule. To achieve good karma, you must bring good actions and intentions. Think with positive thoughts as you go through life and it will help you to create good karma. Positive energy always wins over negativity.

create good karma

Bad karma is the opposite of good and comes from negative energy. You don’t even need to be negative to someone else…if you think negatively, you’ll bring this bad karma into your life. 

karma - how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Remind yourself of positive vibes and bring in good karma everywhere you go. A handmade karma circle wish bracelet may just be the thing to help you stay positive no matter what challenges come your way. 


karma circle wish bracelets by peacock & lime


Remember to keep your circle postive. 



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