10 cheerful floral ideas to brighten Mom's day - Mother's day gift guide

{Not your ordinary} Garden Variety – 10 cheerful floral pieces to brighten Mom's day!

Looking for a Mother's Day gift that is a little different this year? Why not try something unique and unconventional, like one of these ...

10 Cheerful Floral Ideas to Brighten Mom's day!

Preserved Botanicals

Picking and pressing flowers is a long-held tradition passed through the generations. Those choosing to stop and smell the proverbial roses might also wish to capture the mood of the moment by picking said flowers and pressing them between the pages of a book to dry and preserve them forever.

boho bouquet glass orb pressed flower pendant necklace

1. With the Boho Bouquet Glass Orb Pressed Flower Necklace, anyone can enjoy sentimental pressed flowers wherever they go, all year long.

The necklace has a boho-style glass sphere in which real pressed flowers have been inserted, available in blue, green, coral pink and lavender. Extra sparkle and shine comes in the form of the band of crystals that surrounds the flowers.
2. A Small Boho Bouquet round version is also available 
Favourite florals back in bloom
daisy flower sterling silver sleeper / hoop earrings "It is impossible to look upon the face of a daisy and not think back to childhood adventures in fields dotted with flowers. Nearly universally the meaning of daisy ties to these thoughts - innocence & youth. They also represent modesty and the simple beauties in life that sometimes go overlooked and underappreciated." 
3. The tiny daisy flower silver sleeper/hoop earrings are a sweet, simple design that makes them perfect for everyday wear! 
Handpicked just for you
Stretch, stack, and style your way with blooming beaded bracelets.
Choose from;
purple & white hibiscus flower glass bead & gemstone beaded bracelet    pink and white hibiscus flower glass bead & gemstone beaded bracelet     dusty coral rose hibiscus flower glass bead & gemstone beaded bracelet                   
    4.  purple                                5.  pink                         6. dusty coral rose
How does your garden grow?
dragonfly garden czech glass pendant charm necklace 
7. The dragonfly garden czech glass pendant necklace an easy way to transform one's style while giving strength as "With brave wings she flies ...It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are".
Pretty petals
“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ~ Claude Monet
petal - flame kissed copper & swarovski flower earrings     floret - flame kissed copper and swarovski flower earrings
Bloom, grow, thrive

 little lotus pendant necklace - antique silver     little lotus pendant necklace - copper

 10. "Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” ~ Unknown

The Little Lotus flower pendant necklace is a lovely little reminder!



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